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Tours – 27 Waterfalls

Waterfalls – Visit the legendary 27 Charcos Waterfalls of Damajagua, Puerto Plata. Our tours visit this area as well as some of the smaller, lesser known waterfalls. The countryside is covered with them and they are all beautiful.


Located in the exceptionally beautiful landscape in the the "Cordillera Central" (mountain range), It is called the "Salto de la Damajagua" and it's 27 lagoons are in the center of this protected area of the Dominican Republic. It has become a national treasure. The Damajagua River is comprised of 27 various sized lakes.


These lagoons are located 10 kilometers outside of Puerto Plata, close to the town of Imbert, so it is quite accessible. Speedy Rodriguez Taxi Tours  is ready to help you discover the best kept secret of the Dominican Republic.


Visitors coming from Cabarete, Sosúa, Cofresi and Puerto Plata  will want to visit Damajagua, because it is the best place in the Caribbean to discover  this incredible  natural resource.

Tours can be arranged by

contacting Angelo directly.

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